Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pullin' oars in the rain... back to work hunting chromers!

Well my guilt of getting lazy with this whole blog thing has finally caught up to me. I'm finally settled in out here on Washington's Olympic Peninsula in a lodge operation I work for under the umbrella of one of the top guide services found anywhere, Brazdas Fly Fishing. The Bogy House is a small-scale operation with four of us guiding daily trips for winter steelhead. The food is great, compliments of chef Annie... and the fishing program is as intense as any I've been apart of.

I spent the first week out here on my own living under a bridge, just like old times when we used to come out on long trips back in high school and college. It was a bit strange being in those old places again without the company of a bunch of buddies and too much whiskey! I thought I was tough and imagined myself guiding this way for the entire season, returning to my rig each night... sleeping in the back of the truck. Coincidentally on the last day, I stepped in over my waders taking a fish picture. The constant pounding of rain/snow mix and temps in the mid to upper 30s didn't catch up to me until right at the take-out just before dark. It was then I realized I must be getting older and smarter, thank God we had a hotel for the next four days!

We've been fishing and working hard for several weeks now and are currently almost finished with our first week of operations here out of the Bogy House. Fishing continues to be very good with lots of big ones around! Here are some a few photos from the past couple weeks. We've had a cancellation for March 19th for the 24th for two anglers if anyone is interested. I will keep the blog rolling here now that we're rocking out here on the coast!